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Updated Tuesday March 14, 2017 by Cedar Grove Baseball.

If you live in or go to school in Dorchester or Mattapan, you are eligible!

Cedar Grove Baseball continues a proud tradition of sustaining a fun, community based baseball experience for boys and girls for more than six decades.  League age is determined as of 04.30.16 and is open to all players ages 3.5 to 18.

Final decisions on placement of child within a particular level are at league’s discretion.

Clinic: League Age 3 1/2 up to 5 Years: Saturday 8:00-8:45 and 8:45-9:30 and Tuesday 530-615 (if numbers warrant).  At the Dot Bowl across from Cedar Grove Cemetary...  Bring your coffee and your camera and watch your child have fun as he/she learns about baseball, runs the bases, learns the positions, and begins their lifelong love affair with America’s favorite pastime.  Each player will receive a cap and shirt.  Our goal will be to have fun (parents, coaches and players),   while we teach your young ones about baseball and the basics of cooperation as a teammate!  Come join us for this early morning fun on 6 Saturdays from 8:00-8:45 or 8:45-9:30 am beginning the 1st Saturday in May.  We hope to also have another time slot on Tuesday evening from 530 to 615 at the Hemenway Park.

T Ball: League Ages 5 to 7. At the Dot Bowl, across from Cedar Grove Cemetary....This is a fun, instructional league and we will do our best to introduce your child to baseball (using a softer ball and hitting off a T) in a positive manner. We will also introduce basic skills.  T Ball is the perfect option for 99% of the 5 to 7 year olds.

All T Ball games are played on Saturday (1 hr from 9:30-3:30) and there is one 60 minute practice during the week based upon the coaches' schedule (430-630).  Practice times for T Ball are typically fixed once they are established. T Ball starts mid-April and goes to Mid-June.

If your child is League Age 7, you may choose to register in the Minors - this would be a good choice if your child is more advanced athletically and also has some confidence and reasonable attention span.

If your child is league age 4.5 and is very advanced both athletically and emotionally, you may request placement in T Ball and the league will evaluate whether this is the right placement for your child.  This happens very infrequently and the league's decision is non-appealable.

Minors: League Ages: 7-9: Games every Saturday 9-3, Some Sundays 1-6, weekdays 5:30-730 (hard stop at 730 Mon-Thursday)...Practices are once per week at a tome convenient for the coaches....At Victory Road Parks behind the Murphy School...This is actual baseball! Our Coaches will continue to make it fun for your child, with an enhanced focus on skill development, including how to be a good teammate. If your child is league age 10 or 11 and you think he/she would greatly benefit from another year in the Minors, please let us know by emailing our Minors Coordinator, Ed Regal at:

If your child is league age 6.5 and is very advanced, there will be an option to play in Minors, but only after observation by coaches and a league decision.  This decision will be made by a group of Minor League coaches and will be non-appealable.  This really only happens for a few players each year.

If your child is League Age 9.5 (turns 10 by 10.31.17), you can ask that he/she tryout for the Majors.  This is unusual, and the coaches' decision is non-appealable.

Majors: League Ages 10-12.  Games Saturday 9:00-4:00, Some Sundays 1-5, Weekdays 530-730, one practice per week at a time convenient for the coaches... At Ventura Park in Lower Mills.... This is a good step-up from the Minors as your child grows in confidence and skills improve. Our coaches continue to emphasize skill development and being a good teammate, but the competition level is raised up a notch or two. Once your child finishes playing in the Majors, and if he/she enjoys playing baseball, then your child (now a young teen) is ready to take the next step to the Seniors.                                                   

Senior Babe Ruth: League Ages 13-16.  Games are on Saturday 10-4 and possibly Sunday 9-2...One practice per week at a time convenient for the coaches...At Upper Dot Park...We now serve one additional age group - League Age 16 (see restrictions below)

We play on the big league diamond infield and this is a step that some players hesitate to take. Our Coaches will work with each player to ease this transition and will continue to emphasize fun, teamwork and skill development. We also realize that as "teenagers", your child has a lot going on, and we will do our best to instill whatever positive values we can to encourage them to make good choices. There will be an increased emphasis on personal responsibility and parental independence. This means that each player will be expected to consistently attend practices, work hard, be a good teammate and communicate directly with the coach. Parental involvement is most welcome, but this involvement is supplemental to the primary player/coach relationship.

16 Year-Old Resrtictions:  No Varsity players (MIAA rule).  Certain playing limitations will be voted on by the Board of Directors, such as: Pitching limitations, batting order limitations, and any other policies that protect the enjoyment of the game for all including relevant safety considerations.

Senior Babe Ruth: At Garvey Park.....League Ages 16-18 (Players Cannot be 19 on 12.31.16 - so if you turn 19 in 2017 you are all set!). Players are required to Register and pay a non-refundable $50.00 deposit toward the early registration rate of $175.  By paying the $50 deposit, you lock-in the $175 rate.  Full payment is due by April 30th. Also, at this point we are unable to offer family maximum eligibility for Senior Babe Ruth.

As we now understand it, there is an 18 game schedule from early June to late July.  Our goal is to avoid tryouts and provide all interested a chance to play competitive baseball.  This will be dictated by the number of registrations and the nÅ«mber of teams that we can field to participate in the South Shore Senior Babe Ruth league.  If tryouts become necessary, $50.00 deposits will be returned as circumstances dictate.

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